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GT offers comprehensive legal services for Chinese companies and individuals to invest abroad, including but not limited to investment environments analysis, feasibility study, due diligence, business registration, follow-up general legal counsel service for business operation, incorporating your business, support for your immigration needs, offshore services etc. We thrive in helping Chinese companies and individuals find investment opportunities in North America.

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The Company
Gold-Tech (GT) Services Limited, is one of the most distinguished and professional consulting companies in Beijing, China. We help clients to start a Chinese company at low cost and high efficiency without having any pitfalls. We are the most reputed for helping clients to take the first step in establishing a company in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, or other offshore jurisdictions. We also help clients to gain a complete setup for China, Hong Kong, BVI, Singapore, Belize, UK, US and many other offshore companies.

Our one stop service center will allow you to Form a Chinese company that will be supported with seamless service by our experts. We will help you to have Trademark Registrations, Hong Kong bank account opening, Office renting, Accounting, Talents recruitment and company registration and Ongoing Maintenance and Compliance without any hassle. Helping you in all the phases of the recruiting process, our department of executive search will allow you to have assistance at every step, whether it is Position specifications, Research and Strategy or Client Interviews.

We have established a healthy relationship with selected law firms, so that our clients looking for Beijing Company Registration do not face any problem. We also have good contacts with accounting firms, headhunting companies, office renting agents and corporate service agents in the major cities in China to serve all the needs of our clients.

Our efforts do not stop here. We also excel in providing services for office renting, accounting, talents recruitment, and many others. Our excellent Beijing Representative Office Registration experts will assist you and will guide you for a long-term business relationship that will meet your needs at the right time and the right price. We are the more trustworthy and most experienced than any other consultancy. We also follow all ethical means and remain free from all fouls, so feel free to make a visit to our website.

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